What is a Dreambuilder?

“It takes a village to raise a child,” but what if that village is a slum, disregarded by local authorities and controlled by violent gangs? If you expect a child from this village to become anything more than another gang member, then either the child needs an escape or the village needs some support.

DREAMBUILDER is a name we give to people like you who give financially to build the dreams of these children and help them work toward a successful future.

It’s a global village – your partnership from the UK equips our dedicated teachers in Brazil to bring hope and opportunity to children traumatized by violence and brokenness. 

Together we are involved in a life-changing experience

The Dreambuilder is a system that allows almost all of our donations to go straight to high quality services. We do not link you directly to one child but we provide regular stories of different children, with updates so you can follow their progress. It’s efficient and sustainable.

how do the children benefit?

The Dreambuilder program is about equipping a child with the skills to go out and catch a fish, rather than just handing a fish to them. Your support helps us provide a safe and motivational learning environment with teachers and mentors they can trust.

The best way to help a child is to become a Dreambuilder by setting up a standing order for the amount you choose. You can also Gift Aid your donation if you wish.