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Lucy’s Story

January 10, 2014

Lucy is 10 years old and in year 5 at her local school. Each morning she walks a short distance through the narrow streets in the slums to her school, often to find that the teachers are on strike. Her attendance is registered (which secures her household’s welfare benefits) and then she turns around to go back home.  Without UNiViDA, Lucy would have nothing to look forward to for the rest of the day and her and her girlfriends would quickly end up hanging around on the streets, prey to drug dealers and gang life.

However, Lucy knows that there is another educational opportunity for her and this one is never closed because of teacher strikes. Lucy comes to The University of Life each day of the week from Monday to Friday. She’s been a student with us now for 3 years and despite a bumpy start where she struggled with obedience, Lucy is now realizing the value of her opportunity to study, and says that she wants to become a solicitor.

Lucy’s parents are separated and she was abandoned by both of them. She lives with an older lady she calls her God-mother.  Lucy greatly misses having a family but often says how much she considers The University of Life to be her family, particularly at playtime when she gets to eat a hot meal with her friends,”like a family should“.

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