Robbie (and his cheeky grin!)

Robbie (and his cheeky grin!)

March 24, 2014

Robbie is 9 years old and is just beginning his third year at the project. Despite his cute face and irresistible smile, Robbie’s life is far from easy.

His parents have never lived together and he was born as a result of an unplanned pregnancy. Robbie’s mother is a drug user and his father (a drug dealer) does not accept that Robbie is his son.

Today Robbie lives with his paternal grandfather but is often caught up in a complicated existence being tossed around between family members.

Robbie is an intelligent, fun and often cheeky little boy! Two years ago he could not read or write but he recently passed his 2nd year tests with flying colors and is very pleased with himself. In the classroom he is a helpful and perceptive student.

Robbie says… “Teacher, when I grow up I want to have a normal family and be a children’s doctor so that I can help sick children.”

Robbie loves The University of life, particularly his friends and chapel time on Fridays. Thanks to your support we are able to encourage and support him each day.

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