January 28, 2015

Imagine what it must be like for a child living in a community surrounded by rubbish, sewage, noise, and violence, to enter through  the gates of The University of Life for the first time. Now imagine how that child might feel, being told that this place with open space, green grass friendly teachers and exciting activities, was for them to participate in and enjoy.

Maria Eduarda is 9 years old and in her third year at the project. She is an only child and lives with her mother and father. Like so many of the young children that enter the project at the age of 7, Maria was very timid, lacking in confidence and social skills. It took her a while to start believing that The University of Life was really a place for her to enjoy. Step by step she has begun to accept the friendship and encouragement being offered to her.

Today Maria participates in everything and barely misses a day. She has become a tremendous example to other students always showing friendship and always being a peacemaker. This year Maria won a certificate for her overall progress and has told us that when she grows up she wants to be a solicitor.


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