Ben’s Story

Ben’s Story

February 11, 2014

Ben is 14 and he’s a charming and caring young man. He has 3 brothers, his father is retired and his mother works in the small home they rent in the slum. The family has a very small fixed income from Ben’s fathers’ pension.

Ben has been with us for 3 years but despite his age, he is only able to study at the level of a year 5 student.  He needs special instructions, lots of help and is very slow to process the instructions. However, Ben is always willing to have a try and perseveres despite the pressure of his colleagues and his own frustrations.

At The University of Life our teachers often meet to discuss strategies and methods for teaching children like Ben with special needs.

When he grows up Ben says he wants to be football player because they are fast and he wants to be fast. Ben has a special place in our hearts because of his exceptional care and concern for those around him and his determination to overcome his challenges. His mother tells us that at The University of Life, Ben feels at peace and treated as an equal to his peers.

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