December 15, 2014

Shortly after her birth, Katiane was abandoned by her mother. In the favelas of Brazil this means that an already precarious young life, vulnerable to disease and poverty is put and an even greater level of risk. However, today Katiane is 9 years old and man who saved her life and brought her to The University of Life to study is her Father.

Katiane’s father is young and only has a few years of education himself. He finds occasional work but lives below the poverty line. He wasn’t planning on becoming a father but unlike his peers (many of whom have abandoned the responsibility of fatherhood), Katiane’s father has embraced the gift of a daughter.

Each day, he personally brings Katiane to the door of her classroom, greets her friends and kisses her goodbye. He is the only father of all the University of Life students who does this and he is a real life superhero to all of Katiane’s friends. On a regular basis UNiViDA helps parents like Katiane’s father to tackle the challenges of parenthood and encourages them to take an active role in their children’s education. Juggling parenthood and trying to find work is a constant battle and The University of Life is a lifeline for many struggling families.

Katiane loves the project and is just beginning her third year. Life in the slums is still challenging and dangerous but at least for Katiane it is made better with a loving family. Katiane needs help for her daily physical, spiritual and educational nourishment. When she grows up she wants to be a vet so that she can look after animals like the ones she sees suffering and underfed in the slums.

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